HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Bombardier Inc. and all of its subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Bombardier”) consider the protection and promotion of health, safety and environment (HSE) a fundamental value and corporate responsibility governing all its activities. Our aim is to be a leader in HSE Preventive Culture.

Our Values

Bombardier takes pride in designing, manufacturing and servicing products and systems that facilitate the sustainable mobility of people and goods. Our senior management is dedicated to deploy our HSE Preventive Culture everywhere we operate worldwide by protecting our employees from occupational illnesses and work-related accidents. Bombardier is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its activities, products and services throughout the value chain, applying a total lifecycle view, beginning in the earliest stages of design and projects.

Our Commitment 

It is a management obligation to visibly demonstrate HSE leadership throughout all our business processes and activities, while supporting alignment with our Corporate strategy through everyday actions and involving our employees. Bombardier makes the following commitments and requires all employees to act accordingly:


TO TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTIONS to foster employee health and wellness and to prevent all occupational accidents and illnesses.


TO INTEGRATE our values throughout our activities, behaviours and strategic decisions.


TO COMPLY WITH applicable laws, regulations, standards and other compliance obligations by adopting processes based on risk assessment and mitigation through appropriate controls, covering normal, abnormal and emergency scenarios in order to ensure our operations are managed safely, ecologically and sustainably.


TO TAKE NECESSARY MEASURES to ensure environmental protection including prevention of pollution and mitigation of climate change, conserving and rationing the natural resources and the energy required for our operations. This includes minimizing adverse environmental impacts of our business activities and operations, including new developments as well as the application of eco-design principles.


TO COMMUNICATE AND PROMOTE to management, customers, employees and contractors our commitment to the continuous improvement of our health, safety and environmental performance, and to provide necessary resources, including training.


TO MAKE THIS POLICY AVAILABLE to interested parties, and to promote health, safety and environmental awareness, performance improvement and best practices throughout the supply chain.


TO SYSTEMATICALLY EVALUATE our health, safety and environmental performance and the effectiveness of our management system through process controls, including audits, and to report on our achievements to interested parties.

This Policy is endorsed locally by the site management.