Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is how we develop and continuously evolve our business strategy. By engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders around their interests, motivations and perceptions, we can develop a more integrated view of the issues that impact our business. These insights ultimately inform the programs and initiatives we put in place to achieve our enterprise-wide vision as well as our external reporting priorities.

We engage our stakeholders in multiple ways ranging from informal one-on-one conversations to formal biennial stakeholder consultations conducted across all sectors and stakeholder groups. The table below summarizes our diverse stakeholder groups and some of the ways we engage with each of them.



Customer-led advisory committees; focus groups; customer satisfaction surveys, individual meetings

Supplier forums; surveys; workshops; supplier web portals; mentoring

Shareholders, Investors, Analysts


Annual meeting of shareholders; quarterly conference calls; road shows; plant tours; individual meetings

Performance Management Process; union-management forums and work councils; consultations; trainings

Communities & Non-Governmental Organizations

Industry Partnerships & Associations

Community needs assessment for specific projects; donations and sponsorships; joint events; conferences; official meetings

Association memberships; leadership of/participation in committees and working groups; technical support on regulatory and policy issues; standardization; perception survey

Labor Unions


Surveys; negotiations; forums

Joint research and sustainability projects; scientific committees; internships; lectures; in-kind donations

Job Applicants

Sustainability Groups

Social media; job fairs; online recruitment channels; partnerships with universities and technical schools; internship/mentoring programs

Meetings, conference calls; conferences

Social Development Organizations

Partnership discussions; informal informational meetings; employee volunteering; training sessions; lectures; workshops; donations and sponsorships