Very High Speed

For two centuries, trains have powered expansion and economic growth. Today Bombardier’s high speed (HS) and very high speed (VHS) trains signal an exciting new era in rail.

These ultra-modern trains are capturing the attention of operators, passengers, governments and environmentalists alike. They are seizing market share from air travel and shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

Bombardier’s High Speed Expertise at Work

Bombardier Transportation has more than two decades of HS experience. We are a key partner in delivering core engineering and systems for VHS trains, including:

Our unrivalled expertise in HS and VHS solutions includes:

  • Pivotal role in delivering all major European and North American HS and VHS trains
  • Development of Xinshisu (X2000) and CRH1 HS trains in China
  • Responsible for more than 1000 trains and vehicles for high speed applications worldwide - as sole supplier or in partnership.

Bombardier’s High Speed Expertise at Work


Pioneer of High-Tech Bogies

We have long led the way in crucial high speed technologies with our first bogies in operation at 200 km/h in the 1960s. We are the leading provider of high speed bogies.

Since the 1980s, we have delivered more than 10,000 FLEXX Speed bogies, including 3,500 bogies for speeds in excess of 250 km/h.

Our FLEXX Speed bogies provide proven reliability and efficiency, most notably in:

  • Several generations of ICE trains
  • X2000 tilting trains in Sweden and China

BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO: Redefining Very High Speed

Today we are setting a new benchmark in VHS rail travel with the BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO train. It is one of the world’s most economical and eco-friendly VHS trains, attaining an operating speed of up to 380 km/h.

Our exciting new VHS platform offers:

  • Highest passenger capacity
  • First-class passenger comfort
  • Leading-edge technologies and advanced aerodynamics
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Easy customization to any rail network
  • Open tube design for excellent passenger flow and spaciousness
  • Sustainable design

Eco-Active Technologies Optimize VHS Platform

Our groundbreaking, energy-saving ECO4 technologies improve total train performance. These advanced eco-active solutions are based on the four cornerstones of sustainable mobility:

  • Energy
  • Efficiency
  • Economy
  • Ecology

The BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO portfolio integrates several innovative ECO4 technologies, including: