Bombardier may verify the compliance of all its direct suppliers with the Supplier Code. Such verification will be conducted by way of a supplier’s self-evaluation or an audit by Bombardier (or an external resource designated by Bombardier) who may visit the supplier's facilities with appropriate notice.

Compliance with the principles contained in the Supplier Code is a criteria that is taken into consideration in Bombardier’s supplier selection process.

Whenever a situation of non-compliance is identified, Bombardier may work with the supplier to develop and implement a corrective plan to improve the situation. Bombardier will continue to develop monitoring systems to assess and ensure compliance with the Supplier Code.

Bombardier encourages the supplier to:

  • implement policies, procedures, tools and indicators necessary to ensure compliance with the principles listed above;
  • commit to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact; and
  • participate in a Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") network (e.g. United Nations Global Compact, European Association for CSR, CSR Asia

Responsibility of the Supplier

As a supplier of Bombardier, the supplier's role begins, but does not end, with understanding this Supplier Code. If any ethical or legal compliance issues arise that raise any questions, the supplier has the responsibility to bring them forward.

To raise a concern, the supplier can call the Bombardier Compliance Officer at +1-514-861-8870 or send an email to His function is to ensure that all raised compliance issues through any channels offered to the supplier in this Supplier Code are resolved quickly, fairly, and at the proper level in the organization.

In addition, an independent and confidential reporting system is available, 7 days a week, anywhere around the world. Its website and call centre services are offered in multiple languages []. The supplier can find the toll-free number for its country on the Bombardier website.