Bombardier conducts its operations in a sustainable way and in compliance with the environmental laws and regulations. Bombardier expects that environmental protection is a priority for the supplier in all significant aspects of its activities. As a minimum, the supplier must comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards. The supplier shall strive to reduce the impacts of its activities and products on the environment and work towards a “total life-cycle” view in product design, while maintaining its competitiveness.

The supplier shall:

  • adopt any appropriate policy, standard, procedure, contingency measure and management system in order to ensure that its operations are managed ecologically and in a sustainable way; and
  • take necessary measures in order to prevent pollution, to conserve and use rationally the natural resources required for its operations and implement relevant emergency response plans and procedures.

Bombardier encourages the supplier to:

  • communicate to its management, employees and contractors its commitment to improving environment, and to provide training on such commitment;
  • apply for and maintain ISO 14001 or equivalent certification; and
  • systematically evaluate its environment performance through appropriate audits and report progress.