Remuneration of Named Executive Officers

The following graph illustrates the percentage of each component of the total compensation package (excluding the value of pension, benefits and perquisites) for the:

  1. Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors (and former President and Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Pierre Beaudoin
  2. President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alain Bellemare
  3. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. John Di Bert
  4. The three other most highly compensated executive officers of Bombardier, namely the President of Bombardier Commercial Aircrfat, Mr. Frederick Cromer, the President of Bombardier Business Aircraft, Mr. David Coleal, the President of Bombardier Transportation, Mr. Laurent Troger;
  5. The former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Pierre Alary; and
  6. The former President of Bombardier Transportation, Mr. Lutz Bertling.

All of the above are collectively referred to as the “Named Executive Officers” or “NEOs” of Bombardier.

The target weightings of each element intend to emphasize the at-risk compensation of each executive officer to ensure his/her alignment with shareholders’ interests. The relative weighting of each element of direct compensation is aligned with each executive officer’s ability to influence the short-term and long-term performance of Bombardier.

View the Target Weighting of Compensation Elements Based on Compensation Policy graph

During the year, a periodic review of the activities of each operating group was made by corporate management in order to monitor their financial and operational performance against the objectives they had to meet for the year.

The following table provides the key performance indicators of the plans and the respective results of Bombardier Business Aircraft, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services, Bombardier Transportation, as well as the Corporate Office. 

Read the Target Objectives table

The following table provides the minimum, target and maximum bonus payable to the NEOs pursuant to the short-term incentive plans as well as the actual payout earned for the financial year ended December 31, 2015 expressed as a percentage of base salary.

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The Summary Compensation Table shows the annual compensation information for each of the NEOs of Bombardier for the most recent completed financial years.

Read the Summary Compensation Table for Named Executive Officers