The Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC) is responsible for monitoring the compensation policy of Bombardier that rewards the creation of shareholder value and reflects an appropriate balance between the short-term, mid-term and long-term performance of the Corporation and for assessing the performance of its senior executives and determining their compensation. The HRCC also reviews, reports and provides recommendations to the Board on succession planning matters.

Compensation Policy

Bombardier’s executive compensation policy is designed to maximize the overall performance of the Corporation through the individual performance of its executives. The overall goals of the compensation policy are to attract, retain and motivate executives in order to increase shareholders’ value. Bombardier’s executive compensation policy and practices are intended to reward executives based on their individual performance, at a level competitive with similar positions of peers companies. Variable compensation is directly linked to Bombardier financial results.

Bombardier’s executive compensation policy focuses on total compensation: base salary, short-term incentives, mid-term and long-term incentives, pension, benefits and perquisites. The objective of the executive compensation policy of Bombardier is to position the total compensation package at the median (50th percentile) of selected comparator groups.

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