Unethical Behaviours

When in doubt about a decision that involves workplace ethics, ask yourself the following questions. If the answer(s) makes you feel uncomfortable, the proposed action might not be appropriate.

  • Is my action in line with the Bombardier Code?
  • Is my action legal?
  • Is my action honest and fair?
  • How would my family, friends and neighbours react if they knew about my action?
  • Would customers or shareholders approve of my action?

The following selected examples of behaviours are considered unethical at Bombardier:

  • Harassment, bullying and victimization in the workplace
  • Discrimination or uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed at an employee
  • Theft or misuse of company time
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and intellectual property
  • Stealing, taking and removing any Bombardier's or third-party's (customer, supplier, etc.) property
  • Altering, falsifying or forging all or any part of a document, contract, record or financial transaction
  • Working under the influence of any substance that could impair judgment or interfere with the effective and responsible performance of duties
  • Use of unethical or illegal practices to collect any competitive information
  • Offering or taking any form of illegal payment
  • Lack of compliance with any legal or contractual obligations
  • Fraudulent appropriation of property (improper expense accounts for example)
  • Expressing views on behalf of Bombardier without explicit authorization

If you have experienced any of these, or other, unethical behaviours at Bombardier, you must use the available resources to report a violation.