Our Responsibilities

The key responsibilities associated with this Code are understanding and compliance. The Code makes Bombardier's expectations of employees and management clear and explicit.


As an employee, you are expected to:
  • Assume personal responsibility for performing your duties with fairness and integrity;
  • Agree to do your part to achieve Bombardier's objectives to the best of your abilities, while making decisions consistent with the Code and without compromise;
  • Have a basic understanding of the Code and review it from time to time. You should also have a detailed knowledge of its provisions that apply specifically to your job; and
  • Consult your supervisor or one of the Bombardier contacts listed on the resources page if you have any questions about it.
If you become aware of a possible violation of the Code, you are expected to:
  • Act promptly and in good faith by raising it with your supervisor or one of the other resources;
  • Take your concern beyond your supervisor to one of the other resources if the suspected breach you have reported was not resolved; and
  • Be prepared to cooperate in Bombardier investigations regarding violations of the Code. 


The responsibilities of Bombardier managers include and go beyond those of other employees. As a manager, you are expected to:

  • Know the Code in detail and actively promote it in the workplace;
  • Lead by providing a model of high standards of ethical conduct, creating a work environment reflecting the content and the spirit of the Code;
  • Be vigilant in preventing, detecting and responding to any violations of the Code;
  • Protect those who report violations; and
  • Work with the Bombardier Ethics Advisory Council and the Compliance Officer to distribute the Code to employees and collect the above-mentioned acknowledgments when required.