Governance of the Code

Bombardier has implemented a structure of governance to ensure that the principles of the Code are promoted throughout the organization and that the Code is managed effectively.

Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer oversees corporate efforts to promote an ethical work environment and business practices. The Compliance Officer reports to the Audit Committee through the Bombardier Ethics Advisory Council.

Bombardier Ethics Advisory Council

In consultation with the Compliance Officer, the Bombardier Ethics Advisory Council (BEAC) directs and oversees implementation of the Code. It also provides expertise, arbitrates disputes and reports on the Code's effectiveness.

The BEAC refers sensitive or potentially harmful violations to the President and Chief Executive Officer or to the Board of Directors, as appropriate. Senior executives, from Finance, Human Resources, Legal Services, Corporate Audit Services/Risk Assessment and Public Affairs, as well as the Compliance Officer, sit on the BEAC. Groups within Bombardier each name a BEAC liaison member.

Reporting Violations

Any individual in the employ of Bombardier, or any customer, supplier, partner or other third party, who becomes aware of a possible violation of the Code, or of a violation of the law by the Corporation or any of its employees, has an important duty to report it. While it is natural to have misgivings about raising such a concern, you are strongly encouraged to do so, as remaining silent could have serious negative consequences for the Corporation.