Board of Directors

Bombardier's Board of Directors consists of no less than 5 and no more than 20 directors. The Board of Directors is now composed of 15 directors. The directors are elected every year by the shareholders at the annual meeting of shareholders. The term of office of each director expires upon the election of his/her successor unless he/she resigns or his/her office becomes vacant by death, removal or other cause.

The Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (CGNC) has determined that 9 of the 15 current directors are independent, thus representing a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, based on the analysis found on the Relationship of Directors page.

Composition of the Board

The CGNC is responsible for monitoring the selection criteria for candidates as directors and the credentials of nominees for election or re-election as directors, the composition of the Board and its committees as well as their performance and the remuneration of the non-executive directors.

Current members of the Board of Directors are identified on the Directors’ Bios page.

Orientation Programs for New Directors

Bombardier has an orientation program for new directors, which enables them to participate in an initial information session on the Corporation in the presence of some of its executives to learn about, among other matters, its business, financial situation and strategic planning.

In addition, new directors are furnished with appropriate documentation, including a director’s manual, providing them with information about, among other matters:

  • Bombardier’s corporate governance practices
  • Structure of the Board of Directors and its committees
  • Corporate history
  • Current commercial activities
  • Corporate organization
  • Charters of the Board of Directors and its committees setting forth their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Bombardier’s articles of amalgamation and by-laws
  • Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and relevant corporate policies

The meetings in which new directors participate (including the annual sessions for the review of the strategic orientation, operating plans and budgets) as well as discussions with other directors and with Bombardier’s executives also permit new directors to familiarize themselves rapidly with Bombardier’s operations.

Continuing Education Program for Directors

Bombardier encourages its directors to pursue continuing education activities which could provide them with information as to the best practices associated with boards and committees and as to emerging trends that may be relevant to their role as directors.

In addition Bombardier’s corporate management periodically makes presentations to the directors on various topics, trends and issues related to Bombardier’s activities during the meetings of the Board or its committees, as the case may be, which helps the directors to constantly improve their knowledge about Bombardier and its businesses.

Visits to Bombardier’s various facilities are also arranged, from time to time, for the Board, and individual visits on request. 

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