Human Resources and Compensation Committee


  • Jean C. Monty


  • Martha Finn Brooks
  • Patrick Pichette
  • Carlos E. Represas

All Human Resources and Compensation Committee members are independent.

Pursuant to its charter, this Committee has the mandate to oversee the succession planning for the President and Chief Executive Officer and a number of selected senior executives positions.

In addition, the Committee assesses the performance of the President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Pierre Beaudoin.

The Committee reviews and approves a total executive compensation policy that takes into account, among other things:

  • base salary,
  • short-term incentives,
  • long-term incentives and
  • pension, benefits and perquisites.

It reviews the design of equity-based compensation plans with respect to the granting of stock options and Performance Share Units (PSUs) or Deferred Share Units (DSUs) and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board for its approval.

The Committee reviews the salary classes as well as the levels and degrees of participation in incentive compensation plans whether bonuses or plans based on the evolution of the market performance of Bombardier’s shares.

The Committee reviews, on a quarterly basis, occupational health and safety matters and reports to the Board on them.

The "Remuneration of the Executive Officers of Bombardier" report below provides more information on Bombardier’s executive compensation policy.

Read the Remuneration of Executive Officers of Bombardier report

View the Human Resources and Compensation Committee charter