A History of Leadership

Our leadership in amphibious aircraft began in the mid-1940s, with the delivery of 369 Canso PBY-5A amphibians to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Army Air Force.

The CL-215 amphibious aircraft was introduced in 1969 and supplied a more effective way of delivering water to suppress forest fires. In 1987, Bombardier launched the CL-215T amphibious aircraft, adding powerful turboprop engines and aerodynamic enhancements.

Our experience and expertise continued to grow, and in 1994, we launched the Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft, which remains the world's most advanced aerial firefighter. The mission-specific Bombardier 415 MP followed in 2004.

Today, our amphibious aircraft continue to evolve and are in service with 21 operators in 11 countries.