Search & Rescue (SAR) and Law Enforcement

Bombardier 415 MP SAR configuration
  • Performs direct water rescues
  • Specially-designed rigid-hulled inflatable jet boat for sea rescues
  • Good cruise speed (180 knots) and endurance (6.5 hours)
  • Precision navigation and powerful communications equipment for detecting and locating distressed vessels and people
  • Accommodates up to six stretchers
  • State-of-the-art sensors (forward-looking infrared, side-looking airborne radar, nose-mounted radar)
  • Includes complete SAR kits
  • Sea State 3 capability

Utility Transport

Bombardier 415 MP Utility Transport configuration
  • No runway required for optimal operating flexibility
  • Access via unpaved runways, lakes, rivers and seas
  • Transports personnel and equipment between land and sea over wider ranges and at greater speeds than helicopters
  • Excellent low-level, low-speed handling and manoeuvrability (105-knot drop speed)
  • Remote operations with minimal maintenance and support requirements
  • 2,903-kilogram (6,400-pound) cargo payload