Bombardier 415 MP

Strength and Versatility

Flexibility and ruggedness are the hallmarks of the Bombardier 415 MP amphibious aircraft. Combining a state-of-the-art surveillance suite with direct water intervention capabilities, this versatile mission-specific aircraft offers exceptional low-level, low-speed manoeuvrability, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of special missions on inland, coastal and offshore waters.

Special Missions

With Western civil certification for both the aircraft and its surveillance suite, the Bombardier 415 MP aircraft is a proven ally in:

Search and rescue (SAR) 

  • Civil SAR
  • Disaster SAR

Utility transport 

  • Cargo
  • Personnel

Law enforcement 

  • Illegal immigration
  • Drug and other smuggling
  • Illegal fishery
  • Terrorism
  • Piracy at sea

Environmental control

  • Oil pollution
  • Forest fires

Special Mission Equipment 

  • Autopilot and military mission management system (MMMS)
  • Forward-looking infrared (FLIR)
  • Side-looking airborne radar (SLAR)
  • Fully integrated weather radar
  • Direction finder antenna (DF)
  • Still and video cameras
  • Cabin accommodation for stretchers and berths
  • Enlarged aft cargo door
  • Available floor space for customer supplied boat or other
  • Marine radio package
  • Secure intercom

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